Professional Parking Lot Striping in Salt Lake City Utah

Seal coating is always followed by parking lot striping. These direct the traffic for an organized flow and mark the parking ways for vehicles to park. We are one of the leading asphalt companies in Salt Lake City Utah that provide effective parking striping layouts. Our professionals paint bright and durable strips for stalls, arrows for directional flow, entrances, exits, fire lanes, and more.

Note that this work is carried out by special contractors skilled in parking lot striping. Because applying with hands is nowhere near the modern and professional-grade equipment, we use quality tools and equipment to carry out the process. Our striping machines lay the perfect parking lot striping, making your lot captivating and gorgeous.

Preparing for Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping takes time and needs specialized procedures. Like any roadwork, it requires experts to alert the visitors ahead of time. Not only does it saves time for the drivers, but it also makes the striping process convenient for workers. Here’s how we prepare before carrying out the procedure.

  • There’s nothing more pointless than painting a damaged, cracked pavement. Therefore, we inspect it beforehand to determine if it needs additional work. Otherwise, the stripes do not last.
  • On discovering cracks and bumps, we repair the pavement before painting it.
  • We ensure proper arrangements before painting. Because the process takes time, it may consume the business hours of visitors. Therefore, we alert the visitors so they can take alternative routes and save time.
  • For the paint to last longer and bond better, we remove the dirt and debris hidden in the pavement.
  • We also ensure the road is dry. If it isn’t, we use professional-grade equipment to pump the water.
  • Finally, our experts use the most suitable techniques to cautiously paint the pavement and renew it.


Although basic parking lot striping equipment does the job and costs less, it doesn’t perform as good as professional-grade equipment. Therefore, we use professional equipment. Not only does it gives fines lines, but they also last longer and appear attractive.

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Importance of Parking Lot Striping

You might assume seal coating is all that matters when it comes to pavement and parking lots, but it would be wrong to undermine the value of parking lot striping. Here’s why it is crucial.

  • A safer environment. Identifying pathways helps employees and visitors alike. They won’t feel chaotic or confused about where to stand and where to walk.
  • Prevent accidents. The arrows for exits, entrances, directional flows, loading zones, and fire lanes clarify the drivers’ and pedestrians’ paths. This ensures a smooth traffic flow and prevents dangerous accidents.
  • Increases parking spaces. By carefully painting the line striping, you can fit more visitors. This maximizes parking spaces and prevents traffic congestion.
  • Enhance cleanliness. Bright yellow or white paint on jet black asphalt gives clear directions. On top of that, it beautifies the parking lot, providing a positive outlook to the community.

Parking Lot Striping Costs

The parking lot striping costs depend on a lot of factors. For instance, re-striping an area typically costs less than designing a new parking lot. Of course, adding stripes from scratch would require measurements and expert assistance.

Those wanting lot striping services for a new design can expect charges for line thickness, the number of other markings, the square feet of the parking lot, and extra items needing paint (bollards, light poles etc.) Therefore, the price varies per project. However, our asphalt paving services in Salt Lake City Utah provide quality services without burning a hole in the client’s pocket.

Client satisfaction and community betterment are our utmost priority. When customers contact us for services, we aim to understand their precise needs and demands. This helps us craft a suitable plan for the project. Thousands of customers across the city have utilized our services and reported no issues later.

If you have an upcoming project and looking for skilled professionals, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can also contact us for professional advice. Our customer service will give you proper guidance and great recommendations that ultimately work to your benefit..